21 days to Inner Serenity

The energy healing process is done remotely

We will use Zoom for remote healing

At this time we are living on a planet that is overwhelmed with feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, fear and a multitude of other emotions. The one thing that all of these have in common is that they are all composed of energy and they are only felt because we have these energy/emotions inside of us. 

Our external world is only a reflection of our internal state, this is something that we must come to know and agree with before any lasting transformation is able to truly take place. We have sought for a very long time to cover up our fear or lack of control with external substances, whether that be lying to ourselves, alcohol, drugs, food, people, money, materialistic items, sex, career, etc... the list is never ending. These quick fixes or cover ups may seem to work for a short time, but these energies that we are choosing to ignore/suppress will only continue to grow. We can either pay attention and heal now or become so overwhelmed we either snap or simply give up. 

You can see this playing out on a personal scale with you and your loved ones, you can also see this playing out on a global scale especially at this time. We are the ones in control of the direction of the external world, but lasting change is not accomplished through external strife. We must learn to turn inward and begin to do our own Inner Work to bring about balance to the Earth.


Energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transferred or transmuted

These energies that you feel can be recognized that they are living in you. Once you take accountability for these energies and emotions, you take the power back to make a change. We feel the way we do because we have learned that this is how we react. At some point you went through an experience, were unable to process the event and stored it in your energy system for later healing. We will call these stored energies traumas. You will never go through the exact same event but you will go through something that reminds you of that event and become emotionally triggered, you will react.  


As we go through a situation that reminds us of that Fear, Pain or Anxiety which we experienced in the original trauma we are triggered and are taken over by that energy that shows up as Fear, Pain, or Anxiety. These are the emotions/energy that are trying to get your attention to heal. 


This is you asking you to take the time to heal your internal state, as you heal your internal state you also heal the collective or global conciousness. 


This 21 day program is setup as a submersion into your Soul, into your Spirit. Your Spirit wants your attention but you have become so caught up and immersed in the outward successes that you forgot about your Spirit entirely.  

Now is the time to stop looking outside of yourself for what can never be found, you are being called home and in this calling you are being asked to be made whole, the only question left is;


Will you answer Your call?


3 - Distance Shamanic energy healing sessions 

3 - 60 minute integration calls 

3 - Guided meditations designed to your Inner Work 

You are the ulitimate curator of your internal state, 

yet you must first find this out for yourself.