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60 Day Intensive

- Total Inner Transformation -

The energy healing process can be done in person or remotely

We come to the understanding that a total transformation is not able to be acquired by ignoring specific attributes of the physical organism, specifically that which we allow into the physical self since this is the access point for all healing and future transformation. When we live a life that negates the health of the primary channel (our physical body) we have no choice but to manifest a diminished vibration of life. 

So how do we obtain Total Inner Transformation?

To answer this question we first have to come to an understanding of the layers we are made up of. Our Energetic body is the blueprint for all of the others, if we bring healing to all other bodies except the Energetic, we maintain an imprint of whatever we went through Ex. Disease or accident. Western healing brings about the curing of the physical symptoms and does not always place credence on why that symptom manifested in the first place and how WE can heal it at its origination.

This is why it is so vital to understand and bring healing to all four causal bodies, not just one. They work in unison

We are unable to have true Inner Transformation while neglecting even one of the layers.

We have Four Causal Bodies

1. Physical (Body)

2.  Mental (Thoughts)

3. Emotional(Feelings)

4. Energetic (Spirit)

The healing of each causal body is achieved through different holistic medicines. We bring healing to the Physical body with the detoxification process, massage and meal regiman. Mental body health is brought about with those holistic medicines listed prior plus meditation and breathwork. Emotional body health is brought about with those holistic medicines listed prior plus journaling and honoring our emotional state. Energetic body health is brought about with the holistic medicines listed prior plus Shamanic energy healing. Our cells regenerate after a specific amount of time, they regenerate from a copy of the original cell, over time this copy of a copy consistently creates a degenerated cell. The energy healing, detoxification and diet regimen contained within the 60 day intensive completely resets your cellular structure and allows the regeneration process to create new cells based off of your original vibrant healthy cell structure, instead of the copy.

Now that we have a basic grasp on what layers we are made up of and how they heal, we can now begin the process of a complete Inner Transformation and the obtainment of Vibrant Health and Wellbeing. Each body above contains those below. The Energetic contains itself and is the blueprint for the Emotional, Mental and Physical. The Emotional contains itself the Mental and Physical. The Mental contains itself and the Physical and the Physical only contains itself, this is why it is so vital to bring about healing not just to the physical but to all four Causal bodies in unison, this way we bring about actual healing for our organism as a whole not just a cure for certain symptoms.

This is why we put together the 60 Day Intensive. 


All of us have deeply ingrained habits and patterns not just with eating but also with how we think, speak to ourselves and the neglecting of our emotions. Everything is energy; food, thoughts, emotions, people, music, sound, liquids. With the ingestion of all of these different frequencies we begin to alter our base frequency and depending on the severity of this alteration we manifest that which is not of our base health. Such as physical, mental, emotional and energetic pain, dis-ease, discomfort, confusion, depression, anxiety, poor self worth, the list goes on. We must begin to understand these patterns and bring about healing to trauma. We can call it deep trauma or shallow, whatever we call it, all of us have went through trauma and all of us need healing, this is where the Shamanic energy healing comes in. We seek to find the origination of the emotion (Emotional Body) that causes us to live in a state of repetition from moment to moment and day to day, we then clear this and bring healing to the Energy body and this is accomplished with biweekly Shamanic energy healing sessions. With the Energetic body cleared we no longer have an imprint of the original wounding, we are now able to  bring about the release and healing of the symptoms within the Physical body. 

Healing is an ongoing process that is a lifelong journey. 


When we begin to unravel the cultural conditioning there are going to be unknowns and times of frustrations through the process and this is where the biweekly phone calls come in. You will begin to implement daily meditation and breathwork through one on one guidance which will allow the integration of our new Vibrant healed frequency to take root and manifest in our life.



At the beginning of the course, I was unaware of some patterns that have been hindering my life. Through each session, I would discover how much I was holding on to that needed to be released. I feel forever grateful for Allen’s presence and guidance through my transformation, it has been profound. His insight continued to unfold as he shared stories and asked specific questions. His memory is astounding and he has a beautiful way of bringing home each point - there is nothing left undone. After each energy session, I would leave feeling grounded and centered in my body. I’d have weekly homework that helped the cleansing process and rituals that became really special. I finally feel equipped to stay vibrating at a high level. I will be back.


It’s like talk therapy on steroids!

Jamie Byarlay

60 Day Intensive


6 - Shamanic energy medicine sessions

6 - 90 minute massages with Energy healing

* Dietary programming to bring about

internal balance and vibrant health

* Detox regimen to remove heavy metals, and toxins 

from our system which keep us from vibrant health

* Resetting of our genetic code

* Upgrading and activating our dormant DNA

- All supplements included -

* Meditation guidance and training