Since the beginning of time Hue-mans have been asking these Soul baring questions,


Who are We, What are We, Why are We here, Am I following My Soul’s path, Who are Our prior Selves We refer to as ascended Masters?


The deeper We dig the more We find. Elohim are the Creators of all Life, within these pages We have been given a map. This map allows Us a light to begin walking the path of ascension. As We ascend Our energetics We are consciously engaging the birthing process of Our ascended Selves. This process is laid out in integration format which has been channeled through My connection to the Elohim and My ascended Self. As You consciously engage the integrations and meditations, You are willingly allowing Your internal guidance system to become known, this internal guidance system may be referred to as Intuition, ascended Self, Spirit, God or a myriad of other names. The name itself is not important. What is important is Your desire to know the truth of Who You are, what You are, why You are here and how to develop a deep connection to Your highest Self. You are an expression of the Universal totality having an experience known as You. Everything You have ever desired to understand, heal or engage with has and always will be right inside You, the question We must pose at this point is, have You given Yourself the opportunity to listen and believe?


Welcome to Your ascension