Sarah Johnson LMT

MA 60615806


Sarah comes to us from Chicago Illinois where she received her masters in clinical massage therapy. Over the last decade she has continued her education with Orthopedic massage training, Prenatal and the Fascial system. Sarah loves building customized treatment plans for clients based on individual needs, conditions and preferences. She uses many different techniques in each treatment in order to release tissue and regain range of motion. She has been practicing clinical massage for over 10 years. Her strength lies in her innate understanding of the human body and how everything connects. She is gifted with an awareness that allows her to sense into the body and pinpoint the location of where the pain or discomfort is originating from. Once we come to the understanding that everything is connected and that everything can ultimately balance and heal, we then can reset and find homeostasis for ourselves. This then allows for recalibration of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.


"We know indeed that the whole human organism is governed by the nervous system the center of which is the brain. The seed of thought. In other words the brain or mind controls every cell, every organ and every organ function of the body. That being so is it not clear by means of thought WE are the absolute masters of our physical organism and that as the ancients showed centuries ago, thought or suggestion can and does produce disease or cure"

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