Inner Universe-ity

Each course builds on the prior, therefore the courses must be taken in order


Making the decision to take and participate in Allen's Shamanic teachings course was one of the best decisions that I have made for myself. The energy of the whole process was peaceful and nurturing. The lessons are deep and self reflective. Allen gives them with love and a deep understanding of shamanic practices. I felt like the knowledge that I was able to obtain was exactly what I needed to start my own journey of helping others to find themselves and to heal.  The lessons included meditations, breath work, energy work, self healing and reflection, complex thinking and understanding, shamanic explanation, practices and cleansing just to name a few.  Each week we dove deeper into healing practices which guided us into healing ourselves. An essential part of becoming a healer. If we are planning to help others down their own healing journey it is important that we have also walked a healing path of our own. I felt like there was clear instruction on what tools we would need to obtain as well as complete hands on practice and instruction in energy movement. Allen is knowledgeable and teaches from the heart.  He is a wonderful guide and teacher.  I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is ready to take the next step on their path of becoming a healer.

Shai Fathers

Inner Courses

Initiation - $1100
4 weeks -Entering into the Medicine Wheel and Sacred Space 

The medicine wheel is the energetic map that we all have the ability to walk into and through. This map gives us the opportunity to step outside of our traumas, stories, victim roles or any other labels we may have placed on ourself. Through this process we are able to see into who we are and what energies we have, by choice, chosen to experience and chosen to keep. Each direction that we step into has a specific energy/physical release that will be experienced and expressed in our 3rd dimensional realty that we call waking realty, but we will also come to understand that this process is in now way limited to the 3rd dimension, it is expressed and imprinted throughout the 4th, 5th and up dimensions. Initiation is an opportunity to step outside of our lives as we have come to know them and allow ourselves to release our limitation that WE have chosen to keep.

Ahhhh, now this is the magic sauce of all that we do, create, experience and express. Sacred space is a contract that we make with Universe, God, Great Spirit, Energy, Source or any other name that we have given the Un-nameless that we all are and will be eternally. The contract is an agreement that when we call Source by opening Sacred Space, She/He comes. But…. This also means that when Source calls we show up! You see we have been taught within this life that when you move your body, your body moves, or when you knock on wood you hear the sound. But…. Have you ever been told that movement also effects other dimensions? It does, we are Matter (Body) and Energy (Spirit) combined. Yet how do we CONSCIOUSLY WORK WITH the Energetic side of life. This is the ritual/movement/operation of opening Sacred Space. Ritual is still very much enacted in today’s lifestyle, we have just become so numb to it we don’t see it as that. Prayer before dinner, brushing your teeth before bed, meditation, church on Sunday, eating the holy sacrament. These are all “socially acceptable” rituals, but that doesn’t mean this is all of them and that doesn’t mean that ritual is “ONLY” for the select or elite. Ritual was a conscious part of all lives up until a few hundred maybe a thousand years ago. It is the act of connecting too and working with Our ENERGETIC side or what God is now called. Sacred space is opened with Intention and Belief that in this space all that is, was and will be has gathered to bring healing for all that exists. Within the ritual of opening Sacred space we will learn how to bring together all Elements, Directions, Spirits and Planets so we are able to focus our intention and then let it go for all our Guides and Ascended Masters to carry it “forward”


Magic is Intention and Intention is Magic

Journey - $1925
7 weeks -Chakra system ad Personal energetic attunement 

After we initiate ourselves back into the mystery and realization that we are and always have been the ones that collect, store and express our own traumas. Now is the time to learn how to Journey through our own mythological quest we call life. The JOURNEY is all about the understanding/integration of our Energetic Self and how it ties into and directly influences our body’s material existence. This will be felt and understood through the self realization of the Chakra system and how we engage our Chakra system for stepping into the higher dimensions of realty. Once introducing ourselves back into this multidimensional realty of Self, focusing what we ARE back into 3rd dimensional existence and learning to BUILD it here on this EARTH.


Just as we are 100% accountable for all traumas and experiences in our life, we are also 100% accountable for all the Magic and Manifestation that takes place and expresses itself. This is such a beautiful realization and our lives absolutely change once we FEEL this as TRUTH


Even though this part of the University is called Journey it is only an aspect of the Journey, our Journey never ends and only continues to blossom each day we live and breath. As we begin to understand the Chakra system, we will come to the understanding of how the energy flows from chakras 1 - 7 and back from chakras 7 - 1. Chakra 7 is the portal to Source, the opening of this Energy center brings us to the realization that we are God/Universe/Source, not the Egoic mind that we think with, but the HEART that we FEEL with, the Immortal, Infinite, Ever Loving Source that is all that is, was or ever will be. Once we have this TRUTH integrated we then begin the Manifestation of bringing our Soul/Destiny into the Materialistic third dimensional plane of existence.


Belief is Creation and Creation is Belief

Self Mastery - $1100
4 weeks -Oracle and  Divination. Connecting into the Mythos 

Now that have initiated ourself into our own truth, said yes to the Journey and experiential FEELING, now is the time to Learn how to apply and Co-Create with Source (Self). Energy is a process that is You and You are the Energy in which you have been engaging with. As we heal ourself from past traumas and past wounding, letting go of all the stories that we have made up to make ourselves FEEL a certain way, how do we stay within the FEELING of what/who we are?


The answer is simple,


As you flow in your life and relate to other Selfs, work with other Selfs and engage with other Selfs, you will begin to FEEL their stories and journeys. Shamans teach us that we must learn to hold one foot in our Story and allow one foot into the others Story so we can truly engage with our other Selves, this way we do not lose our grounding in what/who we are. Stories are all that there ever is, was or will be. The world was created with a story and continues to evolve from a story being woven, the question that I have is “


What story are you weaving”?


Is it a Love story?

Is it a horror story?

Is it a fear based story?

Or is it an epic quest through the fields of Valhalla, the shores of Avalon, the quests of Merlin, or what ever mythological quest you desire to express as you!


Your belief and allowance of the Universe to act and then you being response-able is what creates and moves your quest! We have been raised in a specific mindset and CULT-URE. No matter what belief system you hold, it is perfect for you “IF IT IS PERFECT FOR YOU”. Yet these are the exact questions that must be poised in order for us truly CREATE. Self Mastery is about losing all FEAR, losing all WORRY of what others think, this includes EVERYONE, EVERYTHING and EVERY ASPECT OF ALL YOU KNOW. It's now about losing, this is about letting go and understanding that what is truly yours will never be taken, but this aspect of your quest is Unknown, there are no roadmaps, there are no guarantees. Except one - Your must fulfilling life, richest experiences are waiting for you, but you must face all that you FEAR in all ways imaginable.


Can YOU face every FEAR in which YOU hold?

Practitioner Course - $1100
4 weeks -Guiding others to their healing  with Energy Medicine 

When I was in Costa Rica spending time with Mother Ayuascha I wanted to help my wife through her journey, as I asked the Shaman how to help my wife she gave one answer. In order to help others heal, you MUST HEAL YOURSELF as you heal yourself you bring yourself to a HEALED FREQUENCY. This than allows those in your life to CHOOSE if they desire the HEALING journey themselves.


This is why the Practitioner Course is the final aspect in the University. As we have learned we must learn to keep one foot firmly planted in our story and allow the other to plant into others. This is the only way to stay “GROUNDED” in YOUR TRUTH while experiencing someone else’s truth. As we see through our own stories, we are then able to see through our other Selves stories, in this way we are then able to Guide them through.


We will learn practices and how to engage with others energy fields to bring about balance and healing. The accumulation of all the poor courses becomes a foundation for the building of holding space, clearing and guiding the energy systems of others. We must be absolutely impeccable with all our actions, words, deed and expressions as we energetically guide another Self through their process and stories.


Allow yourself to SEE through all STORIES that are your LIFE and allow YOUR SIGHT too manifest.