The Healing will be performed in person. 90 minutes

Itaba DNA Cleanse

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This method overcomes third-dimension blockages which keep us bound and negatively attached to our waking life. It releases tension deep within the mind and body. It is ethereally sensual, stimulating, and intense, yet at the same time incredibly calming, grounding, and relaxing.


This session starts with a discussion upon arrival. After this, a breathing meditation while laying down, from which we begin the energetic portion. This is where things go wavy, and all you need to do is feel, or in other words, do no-thing through all of it. Afterwards, I'll close up the energy, and have one more discussion where you may express anything post-experience which may or may not have come up during the session. After this point, the session concludes.


Through experiencing the freedom of our own infinity at our core level, integrated into the physical, the unlimited possibility of life in the here and now arises. We return to the awakened dream ready to create and express our now membered potential.