Luminous Energy Field

Our lives are a product of how we think, feel and then act. This process is done completely subconsciously and most of the time we just REACT as opposed to RESPOND. Our thoughts are directly controlled by past programming that we have lived through and or been taught. Think of how we drive a car, this is now done at such a subconscious level that we no longer even think about it, it just happens. This is good and this is bad. Throughout the day we are presented with opportunity after opportunity but we very rarely recognize them because we are programmed to react, which in turn never allows us to engage in the magic of life. In order for us to engage in this life we have to become fully present and fully engaged with how our life is unfolding.

Our bodies are a direct print out of what we call our Luminous Energy Field or LEF for short. Our LEF is the blueprint which directs not only our emotions but also directs our physical bodies, how we live, grow and even die. Our LEF stores every single piece of information that we have ever experienced with our senses, the pleasant and the not so pleasant. Who you are and what you choose is also stored in your LEF. In order for us to have complete control over our lives we first have to be able to respond to life as opposed to react, in the LEF  lies the key to this. Whenever something traumatic happens in our lives that we are unable to process, an imprint occurs inside our LEF. These imprints that are stored in our LEF are any traumatic experience that we have been through and been unable to work through at the time of occurrence. Think mental, emotional, physical or spiritual abuse. These imprints lie dormant until they are activated through situations that remind us of the original trauma or wound. When the imprint is activated, it informs our nervous system how to respond, that response than completely takes over our behaviors on all levels. This is done by a chemical dump in our brains of anything from cortisol to endorphins, which most of the time engages our Fight or Flight response mechanism. When the Fight or Flight kicks in gear we are then not able to think rationally because we lost the ability to utilize our higher brain functions. In that moment we are utilizing our Limbic brain which is set to take care of what we call the four F's "Fighting, Fleeing, Fornicating and Feeding". These are all good processes for life but we don't want to make life altering decisions based on this reptilian brain. We want to step up into our Prefrontal cortex or Frontal Lobe for major life decisions. In order to do this we must clear the imprints caused by past trauma or we are destined to be controlled by that trauma. The Illumination process not only clears the imprint but it recalibrates your LEF so you will live, grow and die differently. 

When we go through an experience that creates an imprint in our LEF we then also create what we call an affinity to that experience. If we do not clear the affinity created you will then attract more situations to yourself just like the trauma which created the affinity and in turn create another imprint. Through the Illumination process we clear the imprint and the affinity so our lives will become less chaotic and more in tune to our hearts purpose and desire.