The Oracle reading will be performed remotely on Zoom

Oracle Reading


Throughout my past and current lifetimes I have consistently been brought back to the moment where I remember who and what WE are. At that point there is always a process that takes place I have come to call the Awakening. This process of Awakening is something that we are all here to engage in and then allow. The engagement and allowing of this process takes no-thing that we don’t already have within at that exact moment.


What all of us have done through this lifetime leading up to this point is experience and engage in a multitude of stories that we have labeled as traumatic, beneficial, positive, negative etc. One thing we will learn is that there is NO such thing as traumatic, that every situation/story we have engaged in is for our benefit and Awakening.


As I perform the Oracle reading I tap into the Energetic frequency that you are currently living, you can also call this frequency the story you have chosen to believe and therefore live. In each of the stories we play out in our lives, there are lessons that we desire to learn so we can Evolve and Ascend. The Oracle reading gives you an Energetic understanding of what YOU are trying to show YOURSELF, lessons YOU desire to learn and integrate.


The Oracle reading is performed remotely over Zoom and is roughly 45 minutes.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.