Artwork by Shai


Shai Fathers is an entirely self-taught contemporary artist living and painting in Seattle, WA.  Where she enjoys a loyal and growing following of fans and patrons.  Her passion for art began at a very young age and was driven by her deep-seated need to create. Influenced by her travels and her affinity for nature, Shai specializes in one of a kind oil paintings depicting serene movement with explosive color. She uses brush strokes to combine texture and contrast persuading the mind to linger just a bit longer.  She relies on instinct and personal experience to translate her passion onto canvas. To compliment her oil collection she also creates one of a kind pieces through acrylic pouring techniques and alcohol inks. Being abstract in nature each piece has its own energy that speaks to the onlooker.  Understanding the positive effect that art has on others she strives for her art to transmute energy and heal another from within.

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