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The Soul Retrieval is done in person or remotely on Zoom

Soul Retrieval


Shamans teach us that the day we STOPPED dancing just to dance is the day we suffer Soul Loss or Soul Split

As a child we all would dance and sing, just because! We would play and create just to play and create. Yet at some point most, if not all of us were noticed as we expressed out our Pure Innocence. When this takes place we are placed in the EYE of others and asked to dance, just dance and forget we are looking. As Alan Watts said, "We are now in a double bind". How can we dance in Pure Innocence knowing we are being watched and not dance as if we are being watched? Now comes the beginning of "Caring what others think of our Pure Innocence".

This is the moment in which we suffer Soul Loss. We now begin to live our lives based on an external opinion of who we are, what we are, who we Should be and What we should create

Our lives become a creation, not of our Internal Pure Innocence but one of the programs we have chosen to take on from others opinions. These programs may come from people we love, or look up too. They also may come from our cultural society in which we have been raised. 

We will know when a Soul Retrieval process is needed because we feel like there is something missing inside, or missing in our lives. Maybe we have felt out of place, or maybe just not at home within this existence.

The Soul Retrieval process is about the letting go of ALL the programming we have chosen to take on from Society, Family, Religion or a numerous amount of other sources. The process is performed within the Shamanic Energy Healing and I will journey to the astral realm to find your contract that you have made, your lost Soul part, Integration tool and a Spirit Guide to help you reintegrate the Pure Innocent Soul Part which will now be returned.

There are times when the Soul Part is not ready to come back, this only takes place when there is still work for you to do in your 3rd dimensional realty here on Earth. The Soul Split takes place because we turned your back on our Spiritual Child, in order for integration we must work and walk through the traumas that We took on and continue to enliven with our stories of pain, trauma, loss etc.. 

There is nothing more fulfilling than welcoming back your Pure Innocence and living a truly Authentic life, a life not based on outside Cult-ural programming or beliefs from others that we took on. As we unfetter ourselves from chords and ties that we consciously or unconsciously chose, a feeling of upliftment and non burden becomes normal. At this point the true Magic that is You begins to come forth and you remember why you are here.

Magic is all there ever is; Pure, Loving and Illumined Magic and you are that Magic