Travis Neal

I utilize frequencies and waves to channel while healing

I've come to learn this through the expression of my Divine unified Self, I do my best to integrate less familiar expressions which we know, which have taught me about the sacred union of One. I'm able to translate this knowledge into more familiar forms which we work with; such as Vibration, Visuals, Thought forms, Music, Healings, Beings, DNA Activations, Astrology, Meditations, and more.


Through this, Itaba is a creation<===>creating energy of my own, which unconditionally assists in freeing the individual body/soul/spirit. Each and every vein of this magical reality has complete and total free will. I now share this energy as one so you too may find healing, creation, love, life, and freedom of your own vessel. We help each other deconstruct programs which have kept the energetic abundance of enlightenment, fulfillment, and the gift of creation illusively out of reach.